A true global e-Marketplace for ports

A world of parts inside your port, where buyers and sellers can meet, interact and do business with confidence, transparency, clarity and speed.

What Sets Us Apart

Dedicated catalogues

for every part used in your port

We listen very carefully to what you need and create comprehensive catalogues of spare parts that meet your needs and expectations, whilst delivering value to your business and end users alike.

We are there for you 365 days a year, managing obsolescence, sharing new ideas and opportunities, amending specifications from OEM and reporting to you as a partner to your terminal.

Last mile Delivery

for everything

Just like you do your retail shopping today, TrentGO takes care of everything. You simply view, compare, click, check out and buy.

TrentGO takes care of all origin activities, shipping or air freight, and destination activities, right up to your door.



Multiple suppliers selling the same products, right at your fingertips.

Competition that ensures you the end user, is achieving the correct price point for products needed.

See best delivery time, vs best price and make the right choice.

Look at new products when they come to market and choose to add to your catalogue or not.

Standardise your assets and components where it makes most sense.

Review your company spend by each terminal. Enter negotiations with suppliers, armed with the complete information picture.

About TrentGO

Procuring spare parts for your port and equipment has never been so easy. Watch how TrentGO has made a challenging & complex process, into a very transparent and simple one.

There’s never been a time where transparency end to end has been this good!

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